Game dev contest / Deadline on july 15th


As an exercise in style, OUJEVIPO and VISAGES DU MONDE (a french culturel center in Cergy, close to Paris) invite you to participate to the NO FUTURE game dev CONTEST. You create a game which has to obey to strict technical and thematic constrains… Because your freedom and creativity match to a system of laws and rules. The main topic of the contest will be announced on june 15th. Please, register right now. To submite your games, the deadline is on july 15th. We will exhibit the 15 best projects due to arcade cabinets during the GAMES FESTIVAL of Cergy where we will announce the contest winners (audience price / jury price / homebrew price / 800 € for each).


You have to create a video game compatible with Windows, browser or homebrew within a month (from the 15th June to 15th July) on a given theme. You have to respect at least one of the rules written below.


The 15 best games created as part of the season contest 2013 will be displayed / showed to the public with adapted arcade cabinets in « Visages du Monde » from September to October the 20th. Those cabinets will be considered for every game (look, control / buttons / joystick …). The authors / developers / creators will take part for the cabinets production.

3 different awards are attributed among to the authors / developers / creators :

  •  « Visages du Monde » award, by the public (800 €)
  • « Oujevipo » award, by the jury (800 €)
  • Homebrew award, by the publisher « Pix’n Love » (800 €)

 The non-selected games will be available online on the website of the festival.



The contest is open to every individual or group / collective, professional or non-professional of video games. The registration is online before the 1st July  here.

Sending the game

The game file (.exe, rom, .swf…) must be sent to, with a picture from the game (jpg or png) and the name of the dev/team. More infos will be avalaible on et



The games should be made for Windows, browser or for a console which is not anymore on the market by the constructor (homebrew). Games from homebrew have their own category and award. The games have to respect the contest’s theme announced on the 15th June on and They have to obey one or several (as you like it) following rules :

  •  1 – Joysticks were just a fling. Nobody use them anymore…
    The game mustn’t use mouse, keyboard nor traditional game controllers (the ones with sticks and buttons)
    2 – Floppy disks are still the big thing
    The game has to take place in just one screen. No scrolling allowed)
    3 –They were right : people actually can’t read nowadays.
    Not a single word or letter is allowed in the game
    4 – After the WW3, atomic weapons destroyed all the colours.
    The game has 4 colours, no more !
    5 – My programmer is dead.
    The game has to operate / use / exploit the concept and/or aesthetics of the bug and glitch
    6 – My graphic designer is dead.
    No computer-made graphics allowed (you can use scans, photographies…but also ASCII art)
    7 – Color-blinds has took over the world
    The game has to be in black and white
    8 – Typewriting is the new hardcore gaming
    The game has to use all or at least the majority of the keyboard buttons
    9 – Back in 92, Wolfeinstein 1D really made a big splash!
    The game has only one dimension
    10 – You look better with 3D glasses.
    The game needs stereoscopic or anaglyph 3D glasses
    11 – World Wide What ?
    The game has to be massively multiplayer (well…at least 4) but on one machine)
    12 – Games are evil, and thus has been strictly forbidden.
    The game has to be developed with a software which usually can’t create games

The use of copyright free material is authorised (pictures, sounds, code’s extracts …) but it need to be written in the credits.


  • 31th May : Opening of registration
  • 15th June (7:00pm) : Announcement of the theme on et
  • 1st July : Closing of registration
  • 15th July (11:59pm) : Dead-line for sending projects
  • 25th July : Announcement
  • 18th September : Opening of the exhibition and start-up of the public vote
  • 6th October : Verdict of awards
  • 20th October : Closing of the exhibition

 A special tip for you !

The jury will be fluent in english, so making a game in english (or in your native language) won’t be an handicap for the games selection, the jury prize or the homebrew prize. Nevertheless, as the games exhibition holds in France, most of the people can’t understand english or your native language. It can be important for the public award.

 Inauguration 1