CALL FOR PROJECTS (english version) / video-game oriented creation residency


Located in the « Hauts de Cergy », the most recent district of Cergy, Visages du Monde is a socio-cultural equipment carried by the city. It offers the public a great variety of services: a multimedia library, a neighborhood city hall, a neighborhood house, an auditorium, a dance studio, a workshop room, a digital arts studio, a video-games oriented space, the whole place being 3000 m². On the artistic side, contemporary dance and digital arts are the highlighted disciplines at Visages du Monde. Workshops and formations, residencies, shows, performing arts and exhibitions give rhythm to the place, all year long.

With Visages du Monde’s opening, the city of Cergy now carries an ambitious policy of supporting digital arts. This policy is expressed by an active support for artistic creation and will be materialized with gradually setting up multiple creative residencies, touching three main themes:

–          Video-gaming (retrogaming and video-game oriented experiments)

–          Bringing together urban arts and digital arts

–          Diversity, augmented reality and the representations of the world, in general.


Launched for the 1st time in 2013, the “video-ludical experiment” residency promotes experiment in the field of visual and sonic interactive creation, outside the framework of both the traditional videogame industry and a classic museum space.

Open to all kinds of professional artists, whether french or not, confirmed or upcoming, solo or organized in a crew or development teams inside independent studios, this residency offers ideal conditions to broaden researches and experiments in terms of videoludical writing. During two to three months (from June to September 2013), the artist or the crew is assisted by the team of Visages du Monde, and several services from the city of Cergy, which provides technical means that are necessary to the achievement of the residency’s project.

An event will be organized between October and November 2013, at the end of the residency, to present the results.

Visages du Monde’s building is equipped with a giant screen on the front façade. For this first residency, this screen should be the main (but not exclusive) media displaying the residency’s project (if the project is compatible with the technical setup).


Hereabove : MORIPAD, Antonin Fourneau


> Visages du Monde’s digital arts studio (50m² black room, sonically isolated, blue screen and green/blue floors, lightings, video projectors) for filming, experiments and rehearsals during the residency (following a schedule to be defined)

> A workshop in Cergy, occupied by visual arts associations (Ateliers Arrosés, Metis Too, Psychopompe).

> An Apple IMAC computer ( Core i7 processor) + scanner + Adobe software suite.

> A recording studio, if required.

> A lodging solution is currently under active consideration

Two employees of Visages du Monde for any technical support, according to the artist’s needs, in the following fields :

  • audio recording, mixing and sound design.
  • computer programming (C, C++, C#, PHP, JAVA), handling of real time interaction and game engine.
  • displaying media

If necessary, external expertise can be  provided.

Selected artist or team receives a 2500€ grant, a monthly fixed allowance for the stay (transports & groceries), a complementary wage as part of educational interventions, and a production budget, fixed as the project is presented, in accordance with the management of Visages du Monde.


Applications must be both handwritten and digital.

On paper, they must include a presentation note on the artistic approach, a résumé, a covering letter and an organized list of the main internet links concerning the artist or the team’s previous works (showreel, press reviews, publications, websites, pictures, videos, applications…). A CD/DVD can be attached (make it a copy though, since it won’t be returned at the end of the applications).

Digital applications must include a presentation note on the artistic approach, a résumé, a covering letter and an organized list of the main internet links concerning the artist or the team’s previous works.

Applications must be addressed by post and email, before April 6th 2013 at:


Résidence Expérimentation vidéo-ludique

Xavier GIRARD, Responsable Arts numériques

10, place du NAUTILUS

95000 Cergy

Selection committee is composed of Xavier GIRARD (head of digital arts at Visages du Monde – City of Cergy), Alexia BAYET (assignment manager of visual arts – City of Cergy), Antonin FOURNEAU (contemporary artist) and a representative of video-ludical creation private operators.

Results will be communicated starting from April 20th 2013.


> Xavier GIRARD, Head of digital arts at Visages du Monde.

Tél : +33 (0)1 34 33 47 50

Email :

> Alexia BAYET, assignment manager of visual arts for the city.

Email :